Galleria Shopping Mall at a Glance



We have a wide selection of eateries ranging from coffee, fast food, coffee shops and much more.

Shop for essentials or leisure


Our shopping outlets offer everything from specialised items like African handmade gifts and Ankara items from G-Crafts Africa to general items like household goods and vegetables, fashion items, accessories , perfumes, tech, and so much more.
Shop around you may just find what you need.

Shopping options


Kids Activities

We have a lot of fun activities and events for kids and toddler. Our G Fun club has various play options like a doodling area, ball pit and a fun climbing maze and slide.

When you need to break a sweat

Sports & Fitness

Whether you have fitness goals to achieve or want to learn or play a particular sport, Galleria is just the place for you. FirstPower Fitness is committed to providing a powerfully positive training environment for you to chase your goals, while Arena One aspires to bring affordable class leading sporting facilities to all Kenyans.

A little TLC for your ride

Auto care

From the best tinting services to the best car service and repair and to crown it off, a sparkling new wash. We have various options for your car.


We are famed for our famous live music performances, game nights, puppet shows amount others. We have events for everyone, from kids to adults.