We are proud to sponsor Car 5 in the 2023 Rhino Charge which kicked off today, 3rd June 2023.
The Rhino Charge is an annual off-road 4×4 competition held in Kenya in which entrants are required to visit 13 checkpoints (controls) scattered over approximately 100 km² of rough terrain within a 10-hour period.
The event is organised in order to raise funds to support the activities of the Rhino Ark Kenya Charitable Trust, an NGO which works towards a noble cause: the conservation and protection of Kenya’s mountain range ecosystems, the so-called “Water Towers”.
Car 5 has competed in all the Rhino Charge challenges since its inception in 1989! This makes them one of the oldest competitors in the Charge!
“It’s hard to pin down just one most memorable memory, they are all incredible! The best feeling is when you are on the final leg of a Charge and you know you have completed all the Checkpoints. The feeling is nearly overwhelming and brings tears of joy with the fact you have completed most probably one of the most challenging feats in the off road world.”