Enjoy every moment with Java


There are plenty of reasons to enjoy the new month with the delicious deals from Java. Pass by the Galleria outlet any order any of the following items, now on offer.

  1. Thai Green Chicken Curry with Rice or Chapati & Salsa at Ksh.970/-!
  2. Breezie Fruity Smoothie at Ksh.420/-
  3. Java Hearty Breakfast with 2 sausages at Ksh.900/-
  4. Java Hearty Breakfast with Chicken Breast at Ksh.1090
  5. Mint, Turmeric or Cinnamon Dawa at Ksh.240/-
  6. Spiced Cinnamon Latte starting from Ksh.310/-
  7. A slice of our Blueberry cake at only Ksh.450 /-
  8. Turkey and Cheese Sandwich at Ksh.590/-
  9.  Turkey, Cheese and Avocado Wrap with Chips or Salad at Ksh.780/-